Wednesday, December 15, 2010


You know the episode in Glee Season 2 when Finn discovers Grilled Cheesus? Well I think its happening to me. But without the grilled cheese.

An explanation for non-Glee fans: Finn discovers an image of Jesus on his grilled cheese sandwich and proceeds to worship it (that's TV for you!) and lo and behold, his prayers come true! Not that I'm drawing parallels between my life and fictional TV plots (Grey's Anatomy is NOT real!) but lately, my wishes have been coming true and I can't help but wonder: could God be finally answering my prayers?

Let me give you an example. As you know, I've gone all homey because I'm doing up my humble new abode (incidentally, it's themed: narcissistic explosion of self indulgence - LOVE). I''m pawing the pages off Elle Decorating and all I see page after page are the most grogeous divine have-to-have Madeline Weinrib carpets in everybody's insanely tasteful homes. Want want want. Unfortunately the cost and hassle of buying it all the way from NYC leaves one with a depressing outlook of Ikea padded floors. I wept an imaginery tear and mumbled for God to be fair.

Scene Two: this afternoon, I bump into Hippo's ex girlfriend and she tells me her family business is customised carpet manufacturing. "We copy all kinds of carpets, including those in magazines," she proclaims, like an office-attired Gabriel handing out her business card. I'm sorry but if that's not God answering a prayer, I don't know what it is.

And then I wished wished for a chandy in the dining room. Of course, all that stupid crystal costs a bomb but lo and behold, after a quick prayer, I find not one but like an entire range of affordable chandies ON SALE in SSF and get this... my colleague whips out her SSF Corporate Card entitling me to EVEN MORE DISCOUNT.

It's freaky and spiritual at the same time.

Then I prayed for thinness and the doctor proceeds to prescribes thyroid medication for weight loss without me even asking! OK so I haven't lost any weight but I can see that God is trying (not His fault that moving stubborn fat is like moving an entire mountain range).

And then! I prayed for a cold holiday seeing that so many people I know are off to lovely wintry vacations and I'm stuck chasing lawyers in stifling KL. Guess what He sends me? An impromptu weekend in Fraser's! Complete with horses, roast dinners and strawberry jam! I'll take it!

There are so many incidents. Honestly, far too many to recount. Like wishing I had a social life and then receiving an invite to hang out almost immediately. Or wishing for money and then somebody writing me a cheque the next day. It is truly freaky and beyond coincidence. God is FINALLY listening!

So Bubbit asked me the other day, if I could have wishes what would they be? So I told him for children to stop starving, for people to stop fighting and last but certainly not least, WEALTH FOR ME!

Perhaps I should start buying lottery tickets?

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