Friday, November 12, 2010


I'm tumbling fast down the cool slide.

My two favourite places to hang out in are Kamdar and Ace Hardware. Textiles and paint. Life is complete. 

Bye bye bars, restos and cafes....kissing your snooty hoochies bye bye.

Last night I stayed up late (well, 15 minutes beyond designated 10.30pm bedtime) to watch You Tube videos on: How To Paint On Laminate.


Not about how sad that sounds. But O.M.G! Laminate can be painted??

Yup, treat it like any wooden furniture that has been painted/stained. Sandpaper or paint strip it, prime it and paint paint paint!

The flat is now hunting ground for potential victims. I've already identified 8 pieces (laminated and wood-stained) to be repainted/restaind, including my massive bed frame. Poor little maid-en...she's plenty busy! Gotta work for her super expensive plane ticket home to the Philo this month.

While on a roll, lightning did strike (dementia or genius?) - I shall paint my bedroom walls....


Woot woot!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

If I had some land, I'd plant some vegetables

It all started when Edna got me a tray of kampung eggs direct from the wholesaler. So fresh! So tasty! So yellow! It was then when it hit home that we've been eating load of crap. Mushy battery farmed chicken, tasteless fish, onions that don't even sting the eyes anymore. I remember a domestic goddess once showed me a knob of turmeric picked from his mother's garden, as vivid as saffron compared to its pale anaemic cousin from the supermarket.

Last week Bubbit broke out in hives all over his precious baby torso after indulging in a new Twisties flavour: Bolognese Cheesy if the name was not a warning in itself.

I'm not going to preach about going all organic and can be extremely annoying, especially when people overdo it and start downing enzymes and sticking plasters on their feet to 'detox'. There is a load of hogwash riding pilion on this organic bandwagon, but when it comes to ice caps melting and polar bears drowning and egg yolks turning a whiter shade of pale, my tastebuds and conscience have to hop on take over the reigns! Yee haw!

I recall I wrote Something about this waaay back when I was 'enlightened'. Cause and effect. Living with consequence. Basically shit coming back and chewing you in the arse. That post was so deep, it took me a while to understand it again. In a nutshell, henceforth, I am trying to provide Bubbit and I with a healthier life. Healthier in terms of what we eat (better quality food, more natural food and certainly no more freaky pale yolks), healthier in habit (trying to minimise the binges - hypoglycaemia is no longer a friend), healthier in what we do (outdoor play vs video games), healthier in vibe and energy, well basically everything...

Big change in lifestyleI know, but baby steps...we can't rock and roll all our lives can we? Besides even rockers vinyasa nowadays...

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Can I just say that I'm in a darn jolly place right now.

Not that I'd been in a horrible place but y'know, it's all sunshine and peonies right now.

I highly recommend buying a flat. If you can afford it, it probably works out in the long term to cost as much as therapy. And hey presto, you come out with an asset too at the end of the day.

Buying a flat comes with all kinds of grown up things to do, such as sorting out one's finances. Meaning like once and for all. Meaning paying off the credit card debt and keeping it off. Now that's a big one for me. I managed a cashflow spread sheet the other day. Yeah, laugh. But it was fun. Quite enjoyed it really.

Buying a flat also means spending one's own money. It's nowhere near as pleasurable as spending someone else's but obviously that's not going to happen, so my cash it will have to be. All very grown up.

And one's home is really an expression of one's self right? So there's also all that "Who am I?" going on in the background. And obviously I have no straight answer to that so my home will, purely by default, take on what I would like to think as a bohemian/eclectic/fune look/vibe/thing. Which will have to do until something more polished and refined comes along.

You know, this isn't my first property, neither is it my first renovation and decorating effort. In fact, the first was bigger, tearing down of walls and new floors and relocating entire rooms. This time around is like paddling in the baby pool in comparison but somehow it feel so much bigger and I have complete buy-in and ownership of the project. It's so scary (the debt!) but at the same time so amazingly fulfilling to be doing this alone.

I've turned down 2 social events this week to hang out with my contractor. This is the life!