Monday, April 30, 2007

Steady Now

Actually, for the first time in a long time, it's all good.

There are no intense highs - no new love, no winning lottery ticket - that kind of thing. But there are no intense lows either - nothing major breaking down in the house, no bad karma coming at me in full force.

I hope I am not speaking/writing to soon, but this is good. It's stable, it's calm and strangely, Safe. There are pleasant barbeques and dinners, feel-good pressure at work, fulfilling climbing sessions, genuinely fun mummy-son bonding moments and short family get-togethers.

Around me though, it's not quite the case. Maids getting pregnant, extra marital affairs, break ups and blow ups.

Remember Bjork's It's So Quiet? What applies in love applies to life too?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Singapore On My Mind

I'm a little psychotic and I'm sure many people who know me will gladly attest to that. I don't know if it's the A-type personality I am told I have, or just the inherent kiasuness that comes with being Chinese.

It began to show when I decided to bring ZW down to Singapore for the weekend. The idea came from feeling so tired of KL. Long weekends looming in the horizon pushes people to think they can have a break from the monotony of where they live and gives them that shove to do plan a weekend getaway. The advantages and disadvantages of KL is its location. Bangkok - been there too often. Any further north - too far, too costly. Andaman islands - been there too often. Bali - been there too often. East Malaysia - feel like getting out of the country and using the passport. Singapore - hmmm, Singapore feels like a Western country invaded by Asians, like Vancouver minus the cold. Sounded good. Besides, it's child friendly, it's just down the road and I get to use my passport.

When I research something, I tend to get a little involved. I combed through Asiarooms and Directrooms, I double researched every hotel that suited my needs and the ones that didn't by visiting their website or if there wasn't, I searched for reviews, I read almost every review, I cliked on all the photos, I noted their location on a common map, I downloaded the Sentosa Island map, drew up an Excel chart of the attractions that would appeal to ZW and their location and cost, visited the Night Safari website only to strike it off the list because we have already been there, visited the website of First Coach, Airebus and Nice Bus, called and spoke to their personnel about price and availability, and even made 2 hotel room bookings.

By the end of the day, I felt I had already gone to Singapore five times and back, with three children.

So guess what? We're staying home in KL. In fact, on Saturday, I'm going to bake, have friends over, play mah jong and enjoy my house while I still have it!