Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas To You!

It's the first Christmas Eve I've had to work. Yup as people are running around doing last minute shopping or basting whatever's in the oven, I'm here at work (obviously not working) but still here nonetheless.

In fact, it's the most un-Christmassy Christmas. Buying paint, ceiling fans, kitchen cabinets, wall fixtures, blah blah and completely indulging in ordering people around. There's the spirit of orders to be precise.

But, I'm pleased to say that moving flat has not put me off jingling bells. In fact, it's made me want it even more. All the trappings of a commercial Christmas: Santa stockings, candy cane, brussel spouts and Mariah Carey's new Christmas album. I embrace them all!

Poor me, I'm basically robbed of a Christmas. Everybody's off travelling and torturing us with pictures of them skiing or slugging wine in some vineyard. Thank you FB for that. Then Mum realises that Bun and I are actually fully grown (and a bit more) and therefore sees no need to celebrate - "I'm not Christian, why should I celebrate Christmas?", she says. My reply that there is absolutely no shame in celebrating a commercial Christmas did little to sway her over-principled Capricorn sensibilities.

And to make it worse, Fellow Corp Comm Practitioner decides to get married tonight...and so there will be rendang and bandung in place of stuffing and mulled wine. Very inconsiderate I told her...

Then there is the matter of this weekend. Which I shall spend painting walls - yes, all by my lonesome self unless Rich Boy Upstairs or Freaky Single Dad really do mean their offers to help out. Do or die Khaki will be transformed to Dior Grey by Sunday evening.

And to add insult to injury, I have to dress up for a fancy dress party on Christmas night! Firstly I don't do dress ups. Secondly, instead of dozing off in a haze of brandy butter, I'm going to have to put on a very tight dress, place a wig over my head and attempt to look like Helena Bonham Carter - or general crazed person. And its Italian food...!

To save me from this very bizarre Christmas, Thank The Lord for Cougar who leaps to the rescue, albeit it reluctantly (because she will be hungover from tonight) with a fabulous Christmas lunch at The Y Mansion. There will be people, presents and potatoes (ie. turkey)! Yippee! So there is Hope after all., which is the overall message of this post and of er, Christmas in general....

So, Wishing A Warm Merry Christmas To All, especially to those freezing in most parts of the world...Cheers!

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