Thursday, September 20, 2007

I've Started Dating Again


I'm aiming for us to see each other at least three times in the week and since he's stationed just down the road from my office, there really isn't any reason why we shouldn't see each other more often. But you see, my body aches after each date, and until my body is able to cope, it will just have to be three dates per week for the moment. I do often think about my dates, yes there are more than one for I get really bored and I confess that I like all my dates equally, though sometimes, I'm more in the mood for one than the other.

Yes. I am openly admitting it. I am dating the treadmill, the stairmaster and the elliptical trainer all at the same time.


To gossip mongers out there....tsk tsk... sad that celebrity mags don't satiate your hunger for gossip and you have to graze local pastures for news.