Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spinning Holiday

My family and I are planning a cycling trip in Europe next spring. Of course I was left in charge of research. I came back with initial thoughts involving undulating lavendar-scented trails of Provence and Eastern European vampiric mystique. I even got off the beaten track. Waay off continent even. Eg. a 14-day Yunnan trail filled with history and beauty. All got shot down. My Dad was very specific and I quote: "Why did I mention Holland? That's right, 'cos it's flat".

So chips and mayonnaise it is.

Back to the drawing block. Or rather Google search.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Jack Nicholson should do the trick!

Every now and then, I do something very indulgent. I read my old posts and think about how witty and clever I am! And pat myself on the back, for writing. Even if it's just for practice.

This Hedonistic exercise of browsing my own blog shows me how far along I've come - how I've moved on with so many things yet still grapple with some of the same issues. This diary of sorts is a fantastic reminder of how I felt and perceived life, because trust me, once I write something down, it's out like a light. It's forgotten.

Yes, I have a gold fish brain. It's pretty scary because I've read my own stuff before without realising I had written it. Yes, moving swiftly on...

And the comments: I am reminded that people once came by. Though it is not the reason why I post, it's interesting to see how my little corner came to be discovered in increasingly populated cyberspace.

More importantly, however, I notice that there are progressively fewer 'heavy' posts. The strength of this blog, to me, was its posts - that were about anger, fear, frustrations, confusion, of being lost, sadness, happiness etc etc which threw into the air so many questions about life and religion, relationships and connections, universe and our place.

Fark, now, it's all about Emmy dresses and upholstering folders! I mean, I've even covered the blog with floral wallpaper!

It was meant to be a dumping hole. With visitors.

Now, it's a toilette.

Obviously life takes us up and down and up and down. BUT. But, we must always have substance and not rely solely on aesthetics. Sure, upholstering DVD folders is enchanting and cute but what is the Meaning behind it? What have we Learned from it? What's the Message?

I really need to conjure up some deep stufff to blog about. Something dark and mysterious and questioning. Perhaps Jack Nicholson will inspire me? Am trying to psych myself up to watching The Shining. I am PETRIFIED of Horrors but am so curious. Maybe that will shatter this pink floral bubble and I'll change my blog appearance to black again. Well, no, not that opressive black...