Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Spinning Around

Can I just say how much fun spin class/RPM is! It errts like hell but it's soooo satisfying!

Peelar and I joined a gym on the 1st of Jan. Haha, it's 30 Jan today and we have been diligent! Am so proud of us both :)

Monday, January 05, 2009


In the spirit of the new year, a short note about the past.

It's amazing what we keep for the sake of old times. In desperate need of filing away 2008, I had to clear out my desk. I was amazed not only that it took me a whole morning (and the task is still not finished), but also by the amount of junk I keep just for memorabilia's sake.

The boarding pass that lead to an unforgettable holiday, the stamped ticket to Ocean World, the Duranduran pen from the '80s, heck even the old handphone that served me so many years.

Moving away from the desk to the 4 floor-to-ceiling bookcases, I discover that there is zero space left to store my new collection of Bollywood DVDs. Old magazines alone have taken up 3 whole shelves. I remind myself that I have since lost interest in becoming a fashion designer and that even if I did, I doubt very much that I will look back to Vogue issues from the 1990s for inspiration. It's time to make the cut and sever these ties that are taking up too much space in storage!

Once you get in that mood, there's no limit to the amount of severance you can get up to. I proceeded to call Astro and hell yeah, cancel the movie package! I mean, seriously, it's something I should have done YEARS ago. Who needs HBO when you have a Media Player? Seriously...

So, I really do think this year's mantra has to be Out with Old and In With The New. You can't add new stuff without clearing out the old junk. And I mean that on all levels - in a day to day sense as well as the airy fairy sense too.