Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Yahs And Nahs

Every year, around this time in March, I miss working in Astro. Cos I wouldn't be desperately waiting for the press interviews to be streamed over on my very slow internet connection but watching it LIVE ON ASTRO from my table.

Anyway, bitching aside (really?), scrutiny of the dresses will have to come later at the repeat (honestly in this day and age). Meanwhile, after a quick Oscar glance, my two favourite dress this year has to be the one worn by Uma Thurman (doesnt she look fab>!) and the one worn by Diana Ossana, one of the writers of Brokeback Mountain - writers do have such good taste. And what's with the electric blue wave this year? Honestly, it's about time - that shade of blue looks good on everyone (check out Jada Pinkett Smith


This year's Nay, surprisingly has come from Charlize Theron who usually looks pretty good in everything. It doesn't so much make her look bad, it just looks bad. And there's also always Helena Bonham Carter

Well that's just first looks. More tomorrow!


starlight said...

my favourites were Jessica Alba, Meryl Streep and Zhang Zi Yi. Naomi Watts looked like a bag lady and what the hell was the winner of Best Costume Design wearing????


Rafleesia said...

Didn't Jessica look amazing?! For a moment, I was almost grateful for my helicopter-blade shoulders. Meryl Streep, I noticed, has the creamiest skin ever. Err...not sure about Zhang Ziyi - she looked so coy that there were moments when I was afraid she might stick up her two fingers in a V. I thought Naomi Watts' dress was gorgeous - very un-Givency, but that's just me and my love for taffeta. The Best Costume Design woman was trying to look like a geisha and obviously failed miserably.

BTW - thanks for dropping by!

starlight said...

forgot to add that what really got me swooning were the handbags. OH. MY. GOD.