Thursday, March 23, 2006

Great Nail Biting Exercise

Today, I ditched the duck-shit green sequinned leather heels and opted for filing my nails.

On a rock face.

Bee and I went rock climbing and it was FABULOUS! Of course, being the complete amateurs that we are, we failed to achieve the climber look - no lean bod, no chalk bag, no cool climbing gear.

But when you are hanging off a rock face with nothing holding you there but your fingers and toes (let's forget the belay for a second), who cares?! Who cares that your butt looks like the size of a boulder from the bottom? Its fun, fun, fun!

Well done to my mates over at Camp 5 - Asia's largest indoor climbing gym - friendly people - excellent walls.

Go for it! My endorphins are still raising hell! See you at the top - so gonna be a climber!


starlight said...

wow, you actually did it. am impressed! next time mentor and i will hang (literally) with you ya!

shirlene said...

ok you're definitely not afraid of heights. Not a faint-hearted for sure! Should I go for it? I bet after three steps and I'll look as if I'm hanging on for dear life!So much for RM 45.

Rafleesia said...

I think sheer survival instinct was the only thing saving me from bouncing off the floor like the butterball I am. Actually nothing to be scared about - you're all hooked up anyway. And it's a great way to live out your fantasy of climbing next to Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2. I would recommend it to anyone who lurves a bit of a thrill. Venture out of your comfort zone...pity you have to go all the way to 1Utama to do it.

shirlene said...

Well, it takes a little more to enjoy some excitement and living the fantasy climbing next to Tom. Anyway, 1Utama is only a 15 minutes drive away and I'm practically an OU-addict. Just too bad no one will push the limits with me : (

z-man said...

I tried the 1hr taster last week and loved it. What impressed me was that the ppl at Camp-5 are real friendly and genuinely enjoy working there. Will be doing the 4 hour course prob next week in my quest to turn myself into Tom Kurus.