Thursday, February 10, 2011

C'est La Vie!

My birthday is coming up. And I am asked what special plans have I got? What achievements have I to celebrate?

Yes, it's nice to have a party but to celebrate my life? I've had a happy life, reviewing it makes me happy, makes me laugh out loud in many parts and tear up in others; overall, it fills me with pride and a sense of excitement anticipating what's to come. My life is special to me but only for now and only to me.

Another year and all the cliches apply. How fast time passes, how things whizz by us and how we age, subtly but surely.

If there's anything that I can deduce from my little time here is that while we might think our own lives are so unique, they really aren't.

While we feel our pain and joys so very acutely, it's really going on all around us, everyday to everybody. We might think our own trials and tribulations are so very exclusive to ourselves, they aren't and all the cliches apply.

Meaning, we are spinning with the world and living it as we were made to do. Churning the cycle that churns us, a worker amongst a thousand ants. Never throwing a spanner in the works even though we might think we do with our humanity and evil. Whether a man is murdered , someone ran for Presidency or started a revolution. Someone somewhere at sometime or other has done it all before. Buddha, Hitler, Ghandi.

And so we will come and we will go. Be reduced to ashes only to be reborn to do it all over again. Just like everything before us and everything to come.

Why? Well there is the eternal question that will never be answered.

Working the wheel. A worker amongst thousand ants.

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